Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank You

Tonight I am grateful to God for:
  • my family
  • the meeting I went to
  • a beautiful sunny day
  • my dog
  • awesome connections I feel with others in the program
  • my home
  • a good night's sleep
  • the Steps
  • the cool night air
  • a soft warm bed
  • food on the table
  • clothes on my back
  • safety outside my front door
  • His love for me
  • and the touch of His Spirit on my soul


  1. There are awesome connections with others. I like this list. And a soft bed--amen to that.

  2. Thanks, guys. Welcome, Shadow! I look forward spending some more time reading your beautiful poetry.

  3. Yep...connections with program Peeps, and God's Spirit touching my soul. My choices!

    You have created a list to be much admired by those who do not yet know how to be humble, therefore grateful!

    And also by those who DO!!!!--grin!


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