Monday, August 23, 2010

A Week of Gratitude Day 1

My goal this week, now that the kids will be in school each day, barring any more illnesses, is to blog some gratitude.  Today, I am thankful for:

~ the sponsors I have had and for the one I do have currently, who have shown me by example how to live AA's 12 step program in real life, especially during hard times

~ for the awareness of fear after someone was lovingly honest with me today

~ for all of the mistakes I have made, especially those which show me how I don't want to be or act

~ For the 32 combined years of sobriety celebrated in my home group this week

~ for Step 4, which after working it, shows me that I am still a martyr (poor me- look at all I do for everyone)

~ for the rest of the Steps, so that I don't have to act like a martyr

There is no greater difference between men than between grateful and ungrateful people. ~R.H. Blyth


  1. Sometimes what others say brings up stuff within me like fear and I may choose not to inventory at that time. But eventually, like a tongue to a sore tooth, I go back and look at my part.

  2. That SYD!!! "like a tongue to a sore tooth"...WOW!

    Well, i've worked my way down to day ONE, and none of this time was wasted.

    TRUTH: I have gotten to follow--and BE followed by so many excellent bloggers--there is not time in the 24-hours to hit on each one.

    So Marie, i hate to ask you this9It may sound rude, but it is not meant that way!)...but if you ever come over to read steveroni, PLEASE remind me to visit your blog--it is important for me to read these insights you display so well. thank you again..and again!

    Steve E


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