Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Newly Sober

When I was newly sober:

- I went to as many meetings as possible, always in awe of how the people in those meetings talked about having or having had the same feelings and experiences as I was having. I heard over and over and over again how long term sobriety is precarious without working the steps. I also heard that I needed to work the steps with a sponsor. So, after 30 days...

- I got a sponsor

- called her everyday for the first month or two

- and started working the steps with her.

- I joined a homegroup within the first month. For a long time my homegroup was a Big Book study. Currently, it is a 12 Step study. I recommend any newcomer to go to at least one Big Book and one 12 Step meeting every week (in addition to any other meetings you go to.)

- I helped set up and clean up before/after meetings or at least came a bit early to smile at some familiar faces (I was so shy and insecure that talking was too much for me.)

- I journaled daily.

- Every morning, I asked God to help me stay sober, safe and sane

- and thanked him for my day of sobriety every night.

- I listened to a lot of speaker tapes, in my car and at home so that I didn't have any time to get lost in my own thoughts, because they never lead anywhere good at the time.

- I identified my triggers and with my sponsor's help came up with a plan of action for each.

- I referred quite often to a thin, yellow book called "Living Sober: Some methods A.A. members have used for not drinking," published by A.A. World Services.

I still do most of these things almost eight years later. They worked for me then and still do, and for that I am grateful.

What did you do to cope when you were first sober?

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  1. I am much the same. I do what I did then. I heard that alcoholics find something that works and then stop doing it. So I took heed.


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