Friday, March 26, 2010

"Happy, Joyous, and Free"

As a virus invades my children’s tummies this week, I sit and wait…to hold back their hair, wipe their mouths, and tell them, “It’s ok.” God knows a few special people in my life do that for me when those spiritual viruses, such as anger, depression, and fear, grab hold of me. However, unlike my children, rest is not the answer for my viral woes.

When not in the throws of a stomach illness, my preschooler has a zest for life. She wakes up happy, plays nice, dances and sings all of the time, seeks to learn and understand how things work, gives hugs and kisses for no particular reason. She loves to cuddle, dress up, and fix her hair. She offers people, animals, and lady bugs unconditional love and attention. She never holds a grudge, laughs and wants others to laugh, too. She likes who she is, how she looks, and accepts how she feels. She is social, likes to visit people, likes people to visit her. She is a good helper, knows what she wants and mostly does what she is told, although usually in her time. She is relaxed, flexible, and easy going. She loves life!

I am so jealous! How do I get that way? Maybe, just maybe, I can do what she does to get what she has.

  • Wake up (not come to).
  • Play nice (not hard).
  • Dance and sing (but not in the bars).
  • Seek to learn and understand (not to teach and be understood).
  • Give affection (without expecting any in return).
  • Get dressed and fix my hair (even if I am not going out that day).
  • Love (unconditionally).
  • Avoid resentments (like the plague…or this stomach virus!)
  • Laugh with others (not at them).
  • Like who I am (flaws and all).
  • Like how I look (let’s not go there!)
  • Accept how I feel (even when it is crappy).
  • Visit others (especially my parents).
  • Invite others over to visit me (even if my house is dirty).
  • Help others (again, without expecting anything in return - damn, that’s hard!)
  • Know what I want (and accept that it probably isn’t what I need or what I will get)
  • Do what I am told (if I believe it to be God’s will).
  • Relax (without drugs or alcohol).
  • Be flexible (without being a doormat).
  • Be easy going (instead of going when things get difficult).

 That’s a tall order for a drunk like me!


  1. The things we can learn from our children!

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Welcome to blogging!

  3. Marie, great list of things that help make life so much easier.


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