Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Sobriety is like for me right now

...realizing I am nothing but yet someone and that I have nothing but yet everything in him and that I have no power which originates in me --only that which flows through me from him; that everything I think I am is true but only as it relates to the negative or destructive traits.  Whatever is good and life affirming in me is not me but him who created me. 

Are we all the same at birth and become different as a result of our choices?  Let us not forget that we all have free will which makes us alike as well.  Aren't we all the same regardless of our choices--just varying shades and degrees of the same wickedness?  Aren't we all the same regardless of our choices since we all were created by the same all-Good Being --created in his image with varying shades and degrees of goodness that are dependent on our choices?

I realize right now that I know nothing and when I know that I don't know...then I begin to know.  Furthermore, at the very moment that I realize I am beginning to know, I instantly know nothing again. 

Maddening, you say?  I agree but this is what sobriety is like for me right now.

Acceptance and Service:
Right now I accept ALL that I am --the good and the less than good --because in my service to others, he uses ALL of me --the good and the less than good.

But what do I know?

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  1. Acceptance of the good and bad parts of me is something that Al-Anon has helped me see. I continue to ask God to remove the defects that stand in the way, but realize that there is a reason for everything in my life.


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