Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rushing Around

The last few days I have been feeling out of sorts.  It could be vacation let down among many other things.  Mostly, I feel overwhelmed by the day to day activities of living.  Doing a 4th and 5th step this weekend helped some.  Getting back to my regular meetings this week is helping some.  I am hoping that talking with my sponsor will help, too.  She is going through some really hard stuff of her own and I feel a disconnect from her and frankly, it scares me!

Mostly, I am feeling irritable and discontent.  Not a good place to be but I know it will pass as I continue to work the steps, work with others, go to meetings, pray, and keep trying to touch base with my sponsor.

The kids start back to school in two weeks.  I know my spirit is craving time away from the constant attention my family demands from me and even just the noise and movement they produce around the house.  I pray I can hang on for a little while longer.  I am tired but I am glad God loves me.
Today, I am thankful for:

- healthy children

- a loving marriage

- air conditioning

- this computer

- you


  1. Hang in there. If you're like me, my perception of reality is not very accurate sometimes.

    Your post reminds me that God didn't bring me this far just to let me down now.

  2. Gratitude list always lifts me up. I think everybody has a touch of the "summertime Blues" this week. It is winding down and soon we will wearing boots and mittens. Sorry, did not mean to make it worse.

  3. oh marie, this is just precious! it touches my heart to hear you pour yourself out with such honesty about how 'out of sorts' you feel...but in the same breath, confident that God IS God and you'll get through this just fine. with such a grateful heart, i would have to agree with you, dear friend :)

  4. Marie, things will get easier. Glad that you are here too.


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