Saturday, August 7, 2010

We are not a Glum Lot

"We are not a glum lot" is a quote from Alcoholics Anonymous big book.  I forget to use this slogan in my daily recover quite often.  As, a child of alcoholics, I have learned that I take myself too seriously most of the time.  I worry too much about doing things right, being perfect, especially when it comes to my role as a mom, wife, and sponsor.  My anxiety comes from a fear of not doing or saying the right thing and of disappointing others or causing them harm.  I am very hard on myself.  So, in light of bringing some humor to my day today, I feel a nudge to tell you about two different conversations I had with my five year old daughter recently.

While eating corn on the cob at dinner:
Daughter:  Mommy, how do they get the corn to stay on the cob?
Me:  It just grows that way, honey.
Daughter:  I think they glue it on.

While brushing our teeth this morning:
Daughter:  Mommy, why is that thing hanging down in the back of my mouth?
(She was referring to her uvula and I honestly, I didn't know what it's function is until I looked it up)
Me:  I'm not sure.
Daughter:  I think it is there so the food can go down one side and the water goes down the other side.

Makes sense to me - LOL!
Also, did you know that some people pierce their uvula? 
Now that's funny.

I also feel nudged to tell you about dAAve's blog, which gives me daily doses of humor.  Thanks, Dave!
I am grateful that I don't have to take myself so seriously all of the time.  I am grateful that I have friends that remind me.  Easy Does It... 


  1. marie, the admonishment is so true!! my parents were not alcoholics but everything you 'learned' to do are the very same things i struggle with! i felt as if i were under a little dark cloud no matter how wonderful things were for me. i'm still that person but it takes work to realize and live each day in the Sonshine :)...i'm gettin' there ;)

  2. I also love dAAve's blog :)

    and that quote from the BB, "we are not a glum lot"

    It's totally one of my faves :)

  3. I always liked the word uvula. It sounds kinda nasty but isn't. Piercing of the uvula must be weird.


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