Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Gratitude

Today I am thankful for (in no particular order of importance):
  • the opportunity to share my story at a meeting this weekend
  • the blisters on my hand reminding me that I finally finished cutting and pulling the weeds in my new garden area
  • the opportunity to spend time with my kids today even if we do stuff they want to do rather than what I want to do
  • my plans to go to my home group meeting tonight
  • once again, air conditioning ( 100 degree weather here )
  • having a relationship with God
I am never sure when I share my story if I help anyone or not.  Thankfully, this is not a worry of mine (anymore) because I have learned in the program that I am only responsible for taking the action and that the outcome is none of my business.  What a freedom!  So, with tongue-in-cheek I end this post with the picture below.  Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. I love hearing someone's "story", I always take something away from those meetings. It's hot here too, and I loved the picture you ended with! How true it is.....

  2. i have this sneaking suspicion than when you have a grateful heart, you'll almost always see things in a good light! you've shared so many wonderful things here...caused me to pause a moment and practice a little of what you are preaching ;)

  3. I heard a story at an open AA meeting last night that was more NA than AA and not a lot of recovery. I felt sorry for the speaker because of some comments that were made which were not only inappropriate but way out of line for a sober member of AA.


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