Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Easy Does It"

This recovery slogan is probably one of the hardest ones for me to do.  I suffer from that all too often character defect of perfectionism, which really just means my ego is too big for my britches!  Who's perfect?  I know that I am not, but when I make a mistake I am so hard on myself you would think that I expect myself to be.  Why do I want to be perfect?  That's easy - because making mistakes causes me pain and I hate pain!  That is where "easy does it" helps me in my program.  When I make mistakes, if I can remember, "Easy Does It," then guess what?  The pain is minimized or maybe even not there at all.  Yes, I am a creator of my own chaos!  Taking it easy on myself when I mess up helps me stay connected to the Creator of serenity, God.

How do you take it easy?


  1. I take it easy by doing what your picture shows. I go on the boat and put my feet up, go sailing, walk the beach, row the dinghy, and just get away for a few days. It is the most peaceful feeling ever.

  2. Easy, but do it- puts me in line with the other slogans. Do the foot work, show up,try to be available now-
    priorities. Just for today, HOW,HALT; Balance. Of course it takes time and practice!

  3. Sometimes I repeat phrases over and over again, slowly... emphasizing each word differently each time, this practice changes the words so much sometimes I don't even recognize them anymore.

    God set aside everything I think I know and open my mind for a new experience kind of stuff.


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