Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Let Go and Let God"

This is my all time favorite recovery slogan.  In it I can experience peace in a sober life that has lead me to severe depression and anxiety in the past.  For me these five little words can mean the different between insanity and serenity.

Someone close to me in the program gave me a "God Box."  I write my character defects, situations, people, and anything else that I have no control over and that I don't want to worry about on little pieces of paper and put them in my God box.  This simple action helps me to Let Go and Let God. 

The blue stones in my God box were also given to me by the same woman who gave me the box. They represent God's miracles. I have a separate dish that I put a blue miracle stone into every time a miracle happens. This simple action helps me to acknowledge God as the giver of all miracles and to thank him for all of his blessings in my life.

The whole 12 Step program is basically a program of simple actions.

What is your favorite recovery slogan?


  1. Marie, Howdy! Letting go IS my favorite at this time...and let God. That relieves me of SO much crap and anxiety. Because I cannot, and God can.

    I love your posts with questions at the end

  2. F-Finally

  3. dave: I will. You, too.

    BRB and Jeremy: nice ones.

    steve: thanks!

  4. I like How Important Is It--it reminds me to not try to control, fix, or become anxious when something arises that seems so important. Most things can wait. This slogan helps me to stay calm and to just breathe.

  5. "Keep it simple."
    I don't do it, but I like the slogan.


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