Monday, September 6, 2010

How we feel vs. what we know - One Day at a Time

Sometimes I hear just what I need to hear not during a meeting but before or after a meeting.  Before my last homegroup meeting, a man I know walked in and sat next to me.  I said, "Hi, ______.  How's it going?"  He said, "Good."  (pause)  "I guess."  I said, "You guess?"  He said, "Well, I know everything is how it's supposed to be."  He smiled and looked straight into my eyes when he said that and I nodded and smiled back.  We both knew that we completely understood each other.

The program has taught us that what is going on in our life and how we feel about it is not what is most important. What is important is that we believe God is in charge, which means "everything is how it's supposed to be." 

I don't know the details of what is going on in this man's life but I know he's ok.  And I know I am ok because I am like him.  Life can be good, bad, or indifferent.  Doesn't matter.  If I trust in God, clean house, and help others "one day at a time," I believe life is always how it is supposed to be at any given moment.  We are all ok.


  1. Awesome how we know each other - even though we may technically be "strangers."

  2. I know what you mean. So much "said" in that short exachange. ALways a good feeling that you are not the only who is exactly where you are supposed to be. Isn't it great when someone who is feeling a little down, shows to get lifted up at a meeting and ends up helping someone else!
    Have a great Monday Marie!

  3. I needed to read this today. I like how you put it, that with trusting in God, everything is as it should be. We don't have to be 24 hours a day happy. We can just be....great way to look at life on life's terms....

  4. MC: it is definitely one of the miracles of the program for me.

    Patty: thanks for commenting!

    drybottomgirl: we don't HAVE to be happy 24/7 but oh, how I WANT to be and there in lies my problem - I want, I want, I want. (smiles.)

  5. God is in charge, No matter What. Trust in God IS one of the several essentials here, after stopping drinking, but before the rest of the program. Thank you for "keeping it green"...

  6. I like that I have given up trying to make every day be perfect. There is nothing perfect really, but I can still be happy even in the midst of imperfections all around me. Life is good!


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