Saturday, October 9, 2010

A New Day of Attitude and Gratitude - with a side of Sponsorship and Serenity

I talked to my sponsor for over an hour last night after my last post.  I had so much to tell her that my mouth was moving a mile a minute.  I updated her on the past week and a half's events and as I did I could feel a great sense of relief and calm as my brain and all of it's alcoholic thoughts drained out of me like a full tub of bath water flows down the drain after pulling the plug. 

It was so cleansing and uplifting to my spirit to get all of that junk out of my head, to tell someone about everything I think and feel and do without fear of judgement, lack of understanding, or indifference. 

I share at most meetings I attend.  I talk to the women I sponsor and other women in the programs about this kind of stuff, too.  But, my sponsor is the one person who knows it all.  The whole me, not just parts, bits and pieces, here and there.  What a gift sponsorship is for me!  Syd just wrote a great post on Sponsorship that I recommend reading if you want to learn more about it.

But, before you go, I want to share with you my reflections on a meditation reading I came across today.  The prompt was a quote by Madeleine L'Engle who said, "My moments of being most complete, most integrated, have come in complete solitude or when I am being part of a body made up of many people going in the same direction."

It is then suggested to "take some time to examine yourself. When are you "most complete, most integrated"? Return to that place, that situation, to regain the healthy sense of self that is so easily lost in our world's clamor and activity."

Here is my list, in no particular order of significance:

  1. when I am at a meeting
  2. talking with my sponsor
  3. working steps with women I sponsor
  4. intimate times with my husband
  5. writing on this blog and reading and commenting on others'
  6. planting in the garden, specifically digging in the soil with my bare hands
  7. reading the Bible
  8. holding my daughter (either one) in my arms in silence
When do you feel "most complete, most integrated"? 
I would love to hear...

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed Sunday and I love you all.


  1. 1. When I'm working with others equally in cooperation and to really get a specific task done.
    2. When I see God light up the room through someone who "got it" and is bubbling over with that spirit.
    3. When I'm cooking with my husband.
    4. When I'm just cuddling or spending intimate time with my husband.
    5. In laughter.
    6. In nature, especially in the woods and on the shores of a lake or ocean.
    7. when I'm involved with a really really good book in a silent house with the dogs cuddled in the chair with me.

  2. Marie, so many good points. I too share everything with my sponsor. I feel most comfortable on the boat where I am totally in nature.

  3. 1. At a meeting
    2. Hanging out at my sponsor's place, or just being with her anywhere
    3. Hanging out with my son, who is in residence at college now.
    4. When I'm in an English lecture hall at university, listening to a great prof.
    5. Having wonderful meaningful conversations with my SO and my friends in recovery, about things of a spiritual nature.
    6. When I'm playing music - which I never do anymore, and I should.

    Thanks. This was a great blog entry. :)

  4. Great post!
    1. When I can praise God, the way I want. Hands in the air and shouting to the Lord!
    2.At an AA meeting, where I can share and not be seen as strange.
    3. When my sponsor and I get together every week, or on the phone.
    4. When I can help someone even if it's in the tiniest way.
    5. When I let my guard down and I'm just being myself with my husband and kids.
    6. In my gardens
    7. blogging
    8. laughing over nothing at all with friends!

  5. When I am Focusing... as either Focuser or as companion.

    Focusing is a type of we'll call it meditation where I get in touch with my body/ spirit/ inner world, notice and accompany [not fix! not kill! not change!) the various parts inside of me with different perspectives & strategies (eat only ice cream! eat only raw, organic, whole foods!). Only in Focusing I have a companion (aka listener) to whom I describe my experience and they (think: Carl Rogers) repeat back the essence of what I said using my same words.

    That's when I feel most alive, whole, connected & useful in the world: when I'm Focusing/ Companioning.


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