Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Believe in Miracles!

I have felt physically and mentally well for the past two days - Praise God! Have you ever had a sore throat or a stomachache and in the midst of it you forgot what it felt like not to have one? This is how I felt during my migraine episodes, which increased my gratitude for feeling well these past two days ten-fold.

I went for a walk and enjoyed the higher than normal temperatures today. I did yoga for the first time in months today, which felt wonderful. My muscles, especially in my neck and shoulders, were so tight from tensing up in pain for so long last week.

I felt so good after stretching and meditating that when the song below came on the radio I could not stop myself from dancing. I imagine I looked rather silly based on the expression on my dog’s face but luckily, no one else was home to witness my silliness.

I also did laundry, cooked dinner for my family, and spent quality time with my kids today. Oh yeah, and one more thing…by the grace of God and working a 12 Step program, I stayed sober today as well, which made all of the other things I did possible.

Stay sober…

Believe in miracles…you sexy thing!


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