Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grilling up some Gratitude on a Sunday Afternoon

My daughter likes me to cut her grilled cheese sandwiches into different shapes. Squares, triangles, and circles I can do. That is about the extent of my artistic ability. So her request for a star today was a bit of a challenge for me. I love how kids can look at something as simple as a sandwich and think of a way to make it fun.

Today I am thankful for many things, especially the simple things that I take for granted, like the ability to make my daughter a star grilled cheese sandwich. It may not sound like a lot to be thankful for but if I break it down, the ability to make a star grilled cheese sandwich fills me with gratitude and amazement for all of the gifts God has given to me including:
  • the money to buy cheese, bread and butter
  • a house with a working stove on which to cook the sandwich
  • the coordination to use a spatula to flip the sandwich and to use a knife to cut it into a specific shape
  • the vision to see the smile on my daughter’s face as she ate the star-shaped grilled cheese
I am also grateful for God’s grace in removing the obsession for alcohol from me and for the 12 Steps for giving me a sure-fire way to improve my spiritual condition. My daughter has never seen me drink (she’s my sober baby.) I am grateful that her childhood memories of me will not be of a drunk mom who was too sick to have fun but instead, maybe of a mom who used to cut her grilled cheese sandwiches into shapes!


  1. Awesome gratitude! Wonderful sober mom your daughter has! Star shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, how lovely.

  2. Sounds like a good thing to be remembered for. I like grilled cheese sandwiches too.


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