Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marie's Step 3 Prayer

Wash away my sins, Oh God.
I do not know my being.
Make of me
As you see fit.
It’s time I start believing.

From this day forth with your grace
I give my whole life to you.
Humble me.
I see your face.
Please tell me what now to do.

Fill my heart with a passion
That can never be ignored.
Guide me through
Your earthly land,
I beg of you , my sweet Lord.

Thank you for cleansing my soul;
Easing its torment and pain.
I offer
all to your Son;
Quaking, I call out his name:

Jesus! Please save me…again.
Forgive me. Mold me. Hold me
Safely in
Your loving arms,
My Savior, Master, and Friend.

~ Written by Marie on August 3, 2004

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