Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flash 55

Not usually felt
In the tactile sense
But today that little bugger’s
Bite made me wince.

A smack on it’s head
Is what I provided
But not before
In my blood it delighted.

“Damn, mosquito!” I thought
With a scowl on my brow.
So, I sprayed on the deet
Then yelled, “Come get me now!”

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Friday Flash 55 hosted by G-Man


  1. I know the feeling. I like to tense my arm muscle after they've landed and punched in - it squeezes their little noses and they can't get loose. Makes for an easy target to swat.

  2. way to taunt them...they are now just biding thier time...smiles. nice 55.

  3. I squeeze on either side of the biting pest, but AWAY from the bug, that creates a suction that they can't pull out of and they EXPLODE!
    Excellent 55 Marie, You Rock!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  4. What a fun poem and a funny 55. Nice to meet you, Marie. Thank you for your kind words on my own 55. Also, about your post below, regarding that sense of wonder as a gift of sobriety, I'm with you all the way. It's absolutely stunning that we can experience such delight in God's world without being under the influence of peyote or something!

  5. hi there! i loved your 55 this week but it was your thursday post, the wonderous experience, that stole my heart away! what you shared about yourself was exquisite and i think i'd like to hang around for awhile, if you don't mind? i think i could learn something very valuable if i'll only listen...

  6. Thanks for the interesting ideas on how to take care of a mosquito in mid-bite! I learn something new everyday and that is a good thing!

  7. They were attacking us on the boat last weekend when the wind died. We don't like the DEET but dislike the bites of the mosquitoes more.


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