Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday 160 entitled "Hope"

As gruesome as oil spilling into the sea is he who betrayed one for silver ten times three.
It seems,
from horrific means,
humanity gleans
the Creator’s dreams.

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  1. wow, talk about powerful! to say so much with so few words is quite an art and you have shown yourself to be very skilled! one of the best 160's i have ever read, marie!

  2. powerful words,
    especially u have your point cross with only 160 characters...
    very impressive 160.

  3. funny, i was just teaching on this to the elementary kids today...god keeps his promises, just not the way we think it should happen...nice 160...

  4. Great 160. About the picture, are those rusted out coins in the mix? Pirate treasure?

  5. Wow! Pretty deep with such stringent boundaries within which to write. Great 160. Thanks for playing. Keep coming back.

  6. What a poignant 160! It is really terrible what has happened in the waters off American shores. I saw footage on the TV the other day of the brown pelicans smothered in black oil,unable to move. It is so sad..I pray that they can move quicker to stop the oil & the devastation that it is causing. A thought provoking piece of writing.

  7. Alice,
    I believe the photographer did say this was "pirate's treasure." He said the brown spots are the glue that held the coins in place - not sure how all of that works since I am not a pirate of that sort! ;) Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone!

  8. Yes, I feel as if a lot has been betrayed for silver.


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