Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Hope and More Gratitude

After a severe migraine accompanied by a moderately severe mixed manic/depressive episode last night where hope was sustained only by repeating the words:

I believe.  I trust.

over and over again, I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and more like myself than I have in weeks. 

Today I am grateful for:

  • watching a movie with my family last night
  • playing a board game with my daughter this morning
  • spending time outdoors with my family this afternoon
  • not being on the computer all day until now
  • not needing a nap today
  • not having a headache today

and finally, I am so grateful for:
  •  the fact that no matter what is going on around me or inside of me, if I truly believe and truly trust Him in a state of humble surrender, He will comfort me.


  1. " All is well, very well-" a quote
    from meditations of Eileen Caddy.
    She founded 'Findhorn' a community in Scotland. She wrote a number of books
    and there is a website. I love 2 especially: The Spirit of Findhorn
    and Footprints on the Path.
    Be well-

  2. Being outside and getting fresh air is invigorating to me. I am glad that this is a good day.


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